BetMarket is a Bulgarian company first known for its gaming halls offering Bingo and Slot games. They have been in the casino industry since 1997 and their product has evolved significantly during the past few years. Building a website for the land-based locations of BetMarket Bingo&Slot was our first step in this partnership. 

As the world becomes more digital day by day, the idea of building an online sports betting and casino platform was the perfect move for growing and expanding their business.

RiseTheWeb and BetMarket partnered for 6 month-project, starting July 2022 until January 2023, with а mission to build an outstanding online sports betting and casino brand. The purpose: to make an exciting, and accessible destination for gambling and entertainment in Bulgaria. Fulfilling this mission required the whole package of digital marketing tricks and treats at our disposal powered by our Graphic Design & UI/UX, Copywriting, and Digital PPC teams. Along the way, we collaborated with Trueform in shaping the brand identity and architecture through extensive market research, and product design.

Find out more about the extraordinary work we did in a short time period, and get ready for the “WOW” factor.

For starters, there was not one challenge, there were a series of challenges. There are countless number of competitors in the betting world, each one trying hard to stand out and cut through the noise. Well, we had to beat them all and conquer the Bulgarian market offering new, innovative products, first-class service, and transparent activity. 

With all that said, the deadlines were extreme, and so we switched our mindsets to a “There is no tomorrow” work mode to meet them all.

BetMarket-Brand Development

We started by doing extensive market research, analyzing the competition, and forming our brand positioning, strategy, and purpose. We then built multiple client personas to help us guide the brand in the right direction, identifying our core audience. This, in turn, led us to three verticals: Sport, Casino, and Bingo, each with its own audience, content, and delivery. A holistic approach was needed to bring these seemingly individual products into a unified entity – et Voilà! We had our monolithic brand come to life!

BetMarket Brand Identity

It was important to form a unique brand identity, different from the competitors, but also relevant to the market. The logomark with its three colors is an integral part of BetMarket’s identity. For all sports-related products under the BetMarket umbrella, the branding uses a neon yellow color. The Casino products use blue colors and for the Bingo offering, there’s pink. The brand colors can be defined as bold and vibrant and adapted to the specific audiences to differentiate the BetMarket brand from other competitors in the market.

BetMarket-Execution Mock-up

Launching a new online betting platform is always tricky, so we did a pre-launch promo campaign to generate excitement and interest in BetMarket. Building a promo landing page was the first step in bringing the brand to the digital world.

The next phase of the brand’s execution was focusing on building the product while running multichannel marketing campaigns and adding new features to improve the overall experience. Our social media strategy included sharing content with a friendly and informal tone of voice as well as ‘to the point’ messaging to connect properly with our target audience.


The three key verticals had to be clearly distinguished in the user experience. We developed high-end prototypes on Figma, focusing on mobile first as data from the research showed 90/10 split in mobile/desktop users. The UX process also included months of research, testing, integrations, endless meetings, and cups of coffee. Along with a seamless wireframe, following the fresh new look, we developed a Design System for each gaming category. We defined and fine-tuned typography, color palette, and exported hundreds of icons and components. Since the official launch on the 12th of December, we’ve continued testing and optimizing the user experience, via different measurement tools and collaborating with the digital & marketing teams to execute entire campaigns and landing pages.

BetMarket-Brand Execution Bingo

Our Social Media strategy followed the same approach: dividing out the three verticals, meant we had 11 social media networks – 3 Facebook Pages, 3 Instagram Profiles, 1 Facebook Group, ТikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The aim of the content was to be informative, entertaining, and promotional. We communicated with our audience in an informal way, which included industry slang and “street words” – all leading back to our core Brand personas. Moreover, we partnered with different social media partners and influencers in order to gain more brand awareness.


Full-scale multichannel marketing strategy covered Google Ads, Meta Ads, Social Media Partnership, PR, Display Ads, and SEO. Here is how the budget was split:


A big challenge was how to achieve maximum results with a dedicated budget of 5 to 10 times less than the average competitor. Leveraging the capabilities of more than 10 media buying platforms at once – our digital PPC team had a challenging job! So let’s see what we managed to do:

Allianz Stadium's capacity

Registrations for under 2 months


Website Traffic for 45 days


Meta Impressions for 15 days


Google Ads Impressions for 45 days


Social Media Networks Reach and Engagement


Social Media Networks
(Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)

Not a bad result, right?

BetMarket Case Study PR

Starting from ground zero and working with a limited budget and leveraging a smart strategy with the lowest possible CPA, in just over a month we built a strong punter base in the tens of thousands while generating healthy website traffic of 1.1М within 45 days. We can’t exactly give you the precise number of registrations here without giving out sensitive information, but let’s just say there wouldn’t be a free seat left at the Allianz Stadium, all of whom were then targeted through CRM channels to increase the player value. 

  • GAds CPA for Display is 630% lower than the market average
  • GAds CPA for Search is 500% cheaper than the market average price
  • GAds CTR average of 21.35% was achieved with a combination of highly efficient keyword targeting, campaign settings, and bidding strategies
  • GAds CPM Display – 2.13 EUR is not really low, however a really good result due to the tight targeting options and the core audience selected 
  • META strategy: The budget was tight and maximum results were needed within only 2 weeks. Precise Audience segmentation was made and targeted with custom creative, message, and campaign settings to the smallest possible detail. Even though the 2.83 EUR CPM was at the average market level price, the Reach was almost 1M and at the same time at a Frequency of above 7.  This was fulfilling the customer requirements for perfectly utilizing the available budget for a maximum reach of the core audience and new brand positioning. The end result was sweet at just above 10 EUR CPL. 

For those of you who are not familiar with how the SEO process works, let’s say “Google works in mysterious ways” and On page & Off page search engine optimization helps us find the right way to place on first positions. What needed to be done is setting up a GSC account, detailed focus keyphrases research based on the industry, accurate link-building strategy, and monitoring organic website traffic on a regular basis. Here we also collaborated with an external SEO agency – ID Consult.


The brief was to know your data in order to make informed decisions regarding marketing activities. For a web platform in this vertical, to have a customer registration form via 3 step funnel, deposit an amount via several forms of payment, place bets, make withdraws, etc. that is lots of data to be captured and structured. Using a specific UTM structure and passing the data to GA4 for all channels PPC, E-mail, SMS, Organic, PR, etc. Quite a complex job. So how did we make it? 

By partnering with ID Consult, a specialized data collection company, and thorough synchronized GTM & GA4 setup was used to capture web-based data from data layers with custom filtering and export options for 3rd party automated reporting via API. All Google products of course were linked for a homogenous GA4 multi-channel & multi-event data setup.


RiseTheWeb joined the BetMarket project with such passion and excitement. As usual, we delivered a fully dedicated and result-oriented team. Our collaboration had the main purpose of turning into the first-choice betting platform in the Bulgarian market.