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The beginning

We live in a world of working from home, changing market landscape and evolving marketing strategies just to try and stay afloat off all this. It was in this time of constant change that our client contacted us… 

The client at hand is – an online platform for premium and free betting tips (sports betting advice is called Tips and the people who post this type of advice-prognosis are called Tipsters). The platform has a real advantage of hosting probably the biggest paid tipster community in Europe. It is achieved by offering a well-working platform for the tipsters to grow their business in. 

The challenge

Our task was to rethink and design a new compelling offer for sports betting bookmakers in order to get them onboard as advertisersmedia buying and media selling services. It required for us to conduct research and analysis of the media selling space in the sports betting industry. Once we decided what our offer and target clients would be, the next phase of the project came to life. 


Contacting employees and managers of mostly large companies via Email, Facebook and LinkedIn is not an easy task, let alone in a hyper competitive environment such as the sports betting and iGaming industry during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Only 19% of buyers want to connect with a salesperson during the awareness stage of their buying process, when they’re first learning about the product. (Hubspot)


So we knew upfront that patience and sticking to our plan is a must in order to gain any traction at all (in the form of new clients). Doing so definitely took a lot of time but the results were good and our client liked the opportunity to work with new partners in the sector. Of course, passing the scam/no interest/spam filters of the people we were contacting was difficult, but gaining and retaining their attention in our offer was a true skill we had to develop and perfect. 


Points to take home

The value in the connections we made was not always fulfilled early after establishing the relationship. A few bookmakers purchased their advertising on the platform a few months after our initial contact and calls.

This shows that even if you are not selling at the moment and meeting your KPI’s, if you have done a good job and the prospective clients are sold on the idea they may become an actual client in the not very far future when the conditions are right for them.

So, to summarize, you should stick to your plan and keep working and building connections with prospects (it definitely pays off). Or you could relax and let us do it for you. 

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