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The goal.

To increase online sales via paid advertising. 

The main question.

How to combine Google Ads and Facebook Ads for optimal results in the winter season?


Well this is the question every marketing specialist has to answer for most projects nowadays. Why you may ask, isn’t it already clear from the start which channels and types of campaigns will work best for any project?

The answer is both yes and no.

Yes because the best performing types of campaigns overall are well known: DSA, GDN Dynamic remarketing/retargeting, well optimized search campaign and a dynamic GDN campaign with nice designs and ad texts on the Google part (I wish I can include Google Shopping but Google still hesitates to release it for a lot of markets..). For Facebook we should use the best performing image sizes, Catalog Sales campaign for dynamic remarketing/retargeting and a video placement/campaign if the budget/resources allow for it. So you may ask, where is the catch?

It is in the details as most things in life.

You can run a nice Conversion campaign in Facebook & Instagram, Catalog Sales with abundance of products, well-optimized Search campaigns in Google ads and even a DSA and/or Dynamic remarketing/retargeting and still miss the train. Why?

Because the market sets the rules, and the market sometimes changes (especially in this very unusual year to say at least). What do I mean by that: what has worked in the past for a given niche may not work as well now.

Knowing the competitive landscape in which our client Avtogumi.bg operates and taking into consideration this year’s circumstances, I knew we had to put to a test my assumptions about what mix of channels and campaigns to use.

Using our experience from the first set of campaigns we ran for the clients this summer I was confident we had to build awareness first with an aggressive Traffic Campaign in Facebook ads (high number of Impressions at a low cost) at first in the beginning of the autumn/winter season.  


This way we build a space in customers mind about our clients business and when the season started we began to “harvest” the sales by adding a Catalog Sales campaign in Facebook ads and a Search campaign in Google ads ( in order to catch customer intent and turn into sales for our client). We also decreased the ad spend for the Traffic campaign in Facebook ads because the customers were in active purchase mode, and we wanted to allocate that budget for the Conversion Search campaign in Google ads.

The results began to show up, with almost every week beating the previous in terms of revenue until the end of the active season.  


We decided to add a promo weekly campaign in Facebook ads before the official date for Black Friday (27-th of November) in order to further boost sales with attractive discounts for selected sets of products. An Email newsletter right before the end of the campaign sent to registered users of our client website also added the sense of urgency to this promo campaign in order to end the active autumn/winter season on a high.

Our tactic to build awareness with large amounts of Impressions right till the beginning of the active season and switch to conversion campaigns capturing the customers intent helped us reach sales numbers from 2019 ( an achievable target, but still a hard on in 2020) with the help of paid advertising.  


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