Meet our new partners in crime – Emrod Energy

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Ever wondered what’s the feeling to start something new that connects you with human beings you actually don’t know, and which are located on the other side of the world? 

Well, it’s definitely odd! But it’s odd in a good way. Especially when these people are like our new partners in crime from Emrod. A start-up company with eyes widely open and staring straight in the future! A company hungry for achieving its goals! A company made by pure people!

Emrod’s founders dreamed of utilising innovation and transformative technology as a force for good. Delivering the most positive impact to the widest number of people. They work very hard to create a world where energy transmission is not constrained by wires! And we believe they will achieve this goal!


We honestly can say they are just what we expected! We wanted to work with true professionalists, dreaming BIG and craving for some transformations! Just like us.

We met with Greg Kushnir, Emrod’s founder, who helped us truly understand their believes, goals, and their vision in a very fast period of time, with no need of redundant talks. A rare type of communication!

We worked collaboratively with Natalie Robinson, CEO of Mum’s Garage, and it became even easier for us! She’s pure gold! Natalie helped us a lot with the business strategy and the company’s conception and we happily and honestly can say it was a true pleasure for us to start our business journey with people like them!

This story is giving us the hope and belief we are heading to the right direction!

Check out Emrod Project here.

Also you can connect them both here:
@Greg Kushnir
@Natalie Robinson