How GG.BET increased their results after a successful collaboration with RTW and Blogabet

How GG.BET increased their results after a successful collaboration with RTW and Blogabet
What is Blogabet?

Founded in 2006 it is one of the biggest sports betting platforms for tipsters, not only in Europe but in the world. With more than 45 000  tipsters which post their pics for a wide variety of sports leagues each day, it offers its users unique access to sports betting predictions made from complete beginners to professional tipsters who charge a monthly subscription fee in order to give access to their pics. 

Blogabet can brag about more than 10 million sessions and over 1.5 million users from 170 countries all over the world. Its main portion of visitors comes from Western European and North American countries, followed by Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Rise The Web’s role: Media Selling
Rise The Web is a performance digital media agency with a balanced business model helping sportsbook and casino operators to maximize their media investment (investments for emerging markets included) through Blogabet’s placements. We offer media buying services using a solid cost model. This way our clients get wide range of services whilst minimizing their associated risk and improving their acquisition channels.

Our role as partners is to sell the advertising positions and features on the platform to bookmakers. We are offering potential clients a selection of static Banner positions, Private messages, Newsletters, a custom written Review and an API integration between a customer’s website and Blogabet’s platform. Each offer we make for a potential client is customized to the countries they can operate legally in so the customers always only pay for what they can utilize.

Connecting with the right partner: GG.Bet

When we approached bookmaker GG.BET last year we knew they were pioneering crypto deposits in the industry along with multiple Esports offerings. And this is what caught our attention, Esports are a very fast-growing market globally even if we don’t take into account the extra growth they have seen since the Covid-19 pandemic took over the world. 

What sets GG.BET apart from other big names in the betting industry is that their offer for Esports really allows players to place a bet on nearly all ( if not all ) of the matches from the main Esport tournaments. Whether you like to follow and bet on: CS GO, Dota 2, Overwatch, Fifa, Fortnite, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, Starcraft 1, Rainbow six and others, GG.BET got you covered. Over time they seem to expand the games and the tournaments so in summary, they are one of the leaders when it comes to Esports betting, significantly ahead of the big names like Bet365 and Pinnacle.


GG.BET’s growth as an advertiser on Blogabet

When a client sees benefit from our mutual work we expect further growth and evolution in the partnership. This was the case with GG.BET. In the following case study, you can see their progress. In summary the more results they got with each new ad placement on the platform the more they opened to explore its features further through us. 

1. Paid Tipsters and a Custom Review.

This was the beginning of their advertising on Blogabet through Rise The Web. This offer gave Blogabet users up to 200 EUR welcome bonus with the use of a special promo code. The paid review is an honest one made by the Blogabet team, so regardless of the payment each bookmaker makes to get one if any bookies have drawbacks they will be included in it. The paid review brings benefits for the bookmaker in regards to its SEO because Blogabet is one of the highest-ranking on SERP (search engine results page) sports betting tipster platforms.

Paid Tipsters and a Custom Review
Click on the image above to check out the review itself.

2. A newsletter.

The goal here was to bring awareness to who GG.BET is as a bookie and what they offer. The most responsive email list members are the ones who open such newsletters and potentially may deposit/open an account, but the goal here was brand awareness and more specifically service awareness: users should know that the partner offers a great choice of Esports and crypto deposit options + other features. For us and Blogabet, it was important to keep the trust of the users and thus we asked GG.BET to provide the full details of the welcome offer in the newsletter.


3. Banner placement and Private messages for geo-targeted Blogabet users.

What this translates to is the main ad position on the platform. It gets a lot of impressions which people see. In this particular case, it had a bold vision with both “traditional” and Esport included in order to show that the advertiser is not only focusing on digital sport in its offer. This position helped them further establish their thrust with the users following the previous ads, the paid review and the newsletter. With the PM’s on the platform, our goal for them was to make sure the target audience gets engaged with the offer and actually checks out who they are in detail. I mean who wouldn’t at least check out who is this hot new bookie spamming you with ads, newsletters and even PM when you try to make money following tips or make ones yourself based on your sports bets? 

Banner placement and Private messages for geo-targeted Blogabet users
4. In-feed ads.
If you are a Facebook/Instagram user you are probably very familiar with this type of ads: they are in the feed… It is also very effective, one of the reasons of course is the sheer number of impressions this type of ads get on our client’s platform (on social media, too). But the more important reason is that this ad is placed right into the point of interest for the user, in our case the tips each tipster can post.

There are nearly 2000 betting tips each day for as many sports as you can think of and users love them. Why? Well because some of Blogabet’s tipsters are professional and charge a monthly fee in order to get their tips but also it is always nice to find a new free tipster with a great success score for free (every tipster on the platform has its own results history which is visible to all users).

In-feed ads.

5. The final step: API Integration.

The holy grail of Blogabet’s marketing. Why you might ask? As the founder and CEO of Blogabet Atanas Ginev, himself states: 

“The Integration is Mass exposure. People come to us for the pics and with the integration, thousands of pics will reach thousands of users on the platform.” 

In essence, the Integration allows tipsters to choose your bookmaking website for their picks. The main benefit comes from the paid tipsters which charge a monthly subscription fee in order for a user to see their pics. 

API Integration


The idea is that each tipster tries to do the best job possible in picking an event (along with tracking the league, players etc.) and finding the bookmaker which offers the best odds for his/her pick. So, when somebody sees in the Feed a pick for a trio (sport, league, team) they are interested and the most natural thing for them is to open the website on which the bet was placed (the platforms shows that the bet was verified thanks to the integration) and place a bet for themselves. If it sounds very simple that is because it is, most of the things which work the best are simple in nature.

As you can see, once the tipster locates the best offer on your website they don’t shy away from creating picks with the API integration between it and the platform. Regardless of the sport, league and the team there are always people who are searching for a nice opportunity with a great coefficient. You might be wondering what the experience might be for the tipsters? Well, it looks super cool to me. Check it out with an example from Italy Seria A, a pick for Juventus. 

Currently GG.BET are in talks with Blogabet’s team about changing the icons for the E-sports in order for them to accurately represent the logo of each E-sport. Such final details are always nice and we are sure that our partners will figure things out very quickly.

Strong growth in the gaming and Еsports industry

For those of you who have lived under a rock for the last 20 months since the first lockdowns took over the world, a huge amount of people decided to go into gaming. Some of them may have been gamers a long time ago, others who were more active before the pandemic took the hobby (and a profession for some) a lot more seriously.

Millions of people bought gaming hardware and software and this made Esports betting an irresistible market for those of us who look far enough into the future. There was and still is a shortage of GPU’s because of the unusually high demand over the last 20 months because of the boom in gaming and crypto mining.

This statistical example shows just some of the factors that drove more growth for gaming and e-sport for 2020 and 2021. 


In our view as media sellers in order for a bookie to grow in their target markets, they should be open to experimenting with new platforms, creatives and offers for the customers. The process is slow, takes resources and you are not safe from making a mistake but the rewards when you eventually find the right “formula” are worth the time and the effort

This is especially true when we consider the changes in user behaviour since the beginning of last year. Before 2020 people were using the internet a lot, nowadays its usage especially in regards to online betting is at an all-time high so any bookmaker looking to grow its user base should definitely take a look at placing their offers in front of the right audience. 

Our approach with clients is clear and very open: Since we initially contacted GG.BET last year we made it very clear which marketing option (the Integration) on the platform would work best for them and why. We wanted to make sure they have the time to slowly warm up to the idea through the results they would get with other marketing positions.

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