RTW and DDB – Game Activation for Fantastico’s 30th Birthday

RTW and DDB - Game Activation for Fantastico’s 30th Birthday
The beginning

We are a company that builds long-lasting partnerships with our clients, rather than treating each client as a work relationship with an expiration date. This approach is not only closer to our business views and values, but it also brings upon some great references and is an excellent way of building new connections. That is exactly how we began working on a project for one of the biggest market chain stores in BulgariaFantastico.

A few months ago, we were contacted by gutsandbrainsDDB – a creative agency that has been our partner in crime for a few of our projects already (see how we met here). They were already familiar with our skills in social media and website building (after all we built their website as well) and they offered to work together on a special project marking 30 years since the opening of Fantastico.

The challenge

The biggest challenge was the short deadline for the website development combined with an unusual concept. DDB had come up with the idea of creating a game for the special occasion and we had to build the website around it from scratch for only a week. While the general concept was clear, there were still a few unknowns, so several versions of the UI and some details around the icons had to be made in the short time period.   


The game activation was the other challenge that we faced in this project. The game itself encouraged people to submit photos from their own birthday parties when they were young. However, those photos had to meet certain criteria, so each photo had to be checked and approved by a person from our team.


The strategy

After we had the basics sorted, we immediately started with the website. We decided on using WordPress for the site, so we could have an easy-to-use admin panel that could be accessed by other people on the team to approve the photos. Having in mind the brand identity of Fantastico, we developed a custom theme using the signature red and while of the store and keeping to the brand’s general look and feel. We made the site clean and functional with an emphasis on the game and uploaded the necessary tracking codes (Google Analytics and Facebook pixel) to gather the data. If you are curious you can view the website here.


As for the designs, we created custom icons for the different prizes that were compliant with the brand colours and style of Fantastico. Due to the timeframe of the project, we also had to design some simple creatives for social media in very short deadlines together with the team from DDB.


Finally, for the game activation, we dedicated a person from our team who was responsible for checking and approving photos 3 times a day for the whole period of the campaign. We also had to send e-mails to the people who were unsuccessful in their game participation, explaining the rules further and encouraging them to try again. In addition, we kept a detailed statistic of all participants at all times and generated a final list of approved participations for an easier prize drawing.

The results

Overall, it was one great campaign that took us out of our familiar zone of sports and sports betting and showed our capabilities in game activation and website development. Both DDB and Fantastico were very happy with the work that we did and the results achieved by the campaign. A good way to wish Fantastico Happy 30th Birthday!



Account & Social Media Expert