RTW and NFT Credo – The power of organic marketing in sports NFTs

The Beginning

NFTs were taking the world by storm and Sports NFTs were one of the latest cases of use. They offer new ways for fans to support their favorite teams and interact with them.

Revolutionizing various industries like iGaming, arts, music, and sports, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have seen substantial growth in the last few years. One of the latest use cases of NFTs are Sports NFTs.

The time was now, the idea was there, and thus started the collaboration between RTW, Palms Bet and PFC Levski –  to create a platform for sport NFT collections and auctions. And that is how the NFT Credo platform was born.

The Challenge

The goal was to create a community, and offer sports fans a way to support their favorite team or sportsman by collecting unique NFTs and collectable items.

Shaping the product, building a marketing strategy, and bringing awareness to the first platform of its kind in Bulgaria had its challenges:

1. Identifying the target audience.

2. Choosing the proper tone of voice and creating the right organic content.

3. Design creatives to be remembered.

We started tackling those challenges one by one, in a very structured way, as we usually do, and the team effort from RTW, PFC Levski and Palms Bet paid off.

The Strategy

First, we focused on finding the best target audience for the project. It came as a quite obvious decision to communicate to sports fans, and particularly to PFC Levski fans as the first project was closely tied with Nasko Sirakov, a great figure and pillar of the PFC Levski, and his exclusive collection of 50 physical medals.

RTW’s involvement extended to UI/UX, where we suggested different approaches to make the platform more user-friendly and accessible to everyone interested in what it has to offer. We also contributed awesome designs for several headers on the website using 3D objects and easily relatable objects.

We needed to shed more light on what NFTs are, the first project, and the product so we decided to create organic educational content to enlighten more people on the subjects. To our knowledge, there weren’t many people with a combined interest in sport, NFTs and auctions in Bulgaria, so we felt necessary to spread the word and let them know of what’s coming up.

Educational content is the perfect way to get people involved in something new. It gets people talking and it’s informative.

Nowadays every design must be able to stand on its own, but still follow brand guidelines. We managed to align two brands that people are familiar with, Palms Bet and PFC Levski, and introduce a new one – NFT Credo. To choose a blue tone was a no-brainer. We settled for 3D elements, as people do associate them with tech companies. That’s how the structure of the brand identity was born.

The Campaign

First came the teaser which ignited the spark in the fans followed by the reveal of the first collection.

The organic content had a lot of engagement and people were interested in sharing their opinion about it and were curious about what’s to come. The posts generated a combined entirely organic 2.5K likes, 67 comments and 60 shares. The foundations were set.


The educational content started flowing. From informing the audience about NFT Credo’s mission, and the belief that big names in Bulgarian sport and their great successes should be digitized. To what is NFT and Blockchain and sharing what the possession of an NFT offers, that it can actually be an investment asset and why Solana was chosen as a blockchain network due to it’s high transaction capacity and growing ecosystem.


The first four posts combined a total of 1.7K likes, 43 comments and 32 shares. The audience started to learn more about the project and what it stands for, and the community we were trying to build.

Even though digital wallets are really penetrating the market, we dedicated one post with some helpful content regarding digital wallets, how to buy an NFT, and how NFT Credo is immortalizing bulgarian sports history through innovation following some of the biggest clubs in the world.


Towards the end of the planned organic posts, we had to remind the people why the first project was closely tied with Nasko Sirakov, that he’s PFC Levski’s top scorer and a five-time champion of Bulgaria, that his success as a footballer is only a small part of why he gained a legendary status at “Gerena, and his upcoming NFT collection.


The last three organic posts with focus on Sirakov had a total of 1.9K likes, 37 comments and 49 shares, again purely organic results from the campaign.

The registrations were opened in the beginning of August 2022, followed by the start of the first auction on NFT Credo.

The Results

The results were great! With only organic content, and the mutual collaboration with Palms Bet and PFC Levski’s teams, we managed to reach thousands of relevant people in our target audience, get a combined total of more than 7.100 likes, hundreds of comments and shares, spread the word around, but most importantly, lay the foundations of an innovative project with a cause that supports Bulgarian sports legends and their heritage.

Marketing Manager