RTW and Slingoteka – working on a project with a cause

Slingoteka and RTW - working on a project with a cause
The beginning

Working with ambitious and inspiring people has always driven our inner fire. In a world where everyone is striving to be better at the cost of everything, it is refreshing to meet someone with a heartfelt cause. This was definitely the case with our new client – Slingoteka.

The company is what many consider to be a high-end store aka boutique. They offer a selection of high-quality items for children and babies like car seats, baby strollers, slings and ergonomic backpacks. They also provide personalized paid consultations (well worth in our opinion) for clients that are willing to spend some extra time and money in order to choose the best product for their needs. What makes Slingoteka different is their unique and personal approach inspired by their love for babywearing

The challenge

As a boutique facing the hardships of maintaining a physical store during the pandemic, our client wanted to increase their brand awareness and bring new clients to their shop. That is where our role came in.


Starting with the SEO of the website we had to improve the quality of the information available to the end users and search engine crawlers and increase the overall load speed of the website. In order to drive those online purchases and bring potential customers to their physical store in Sofia, we also set out to create a professional paid search campaign, using Google Ads.

The results

On the Google Ads side, we have created a brand new paid search campaign that we are now optimizing for online sales. In addition, we are gathering useful information about the website traffic (both paid and organic) in order to gain better understanding of who, why and when visits and purchases through the website and use this to improve our strategy.


“On the first page alone, the first five organic results account for 67.60% of all the clicks.” (Zero Limit Web)


So, conducting a deep analysis of the website was definitely a must for us. So far, we have evaluated the main technical and content problems of every single page and we are working towards improving each issue, so we can get to those organic results. 


What will come out of all this? Surely one very successful partnership and a greater love for babywearing.



Account & Social Media Expert