The beginning

We are very proud to announce our collaboration with @TBet – a Tanzanian sports betting operator that will join us on our first digital marketing “campaign” in East Africa. Here is how it all started…

When we have a new partner in our agency we like to look at it with a fresh set of eyes.
At the beginning of our work with TBet this was the case even more than usual. We had to get insights into their business, the competition they are facing and most importantly the local market on which they operate as a sports bookmaker – Tanzania.

It turned out that Tanzania is not only larger than most European countries and has a young and vibrant population, but also has true sports fans (in fact mostly football lovers) which can rival the Brits, Italians and the Germans. Surprisingly, the annual turnover in sports betting in Tanzania is approaching 10 million dollars, which is something that you don’t stumble upon everyday. This was a clear proof for us that Africa is an unique place in many regards and football definitely has its special place in the hearts of the locals.

Some numbers

In order to better understand the region and Tanzania as a market for digital advertising, however, we did our little research. Depending on the source the numbers show that around 50% of Tanzania’s 57 million population has some form of internet access of whom (not surprisingly) 70+% are on mobile. According to @Hootsuite there were around 4.5 million social media users in January 2020 mainly spread around the popular social media platforms like Facebook (3.4 million) and Instagram (2.4 million).

Once we were done with our market research we focused on the specific needs of TBet. We made sure all tracking systems (Facebook, Google Analytics and Google Search Console) are working properly and implemented the necessary improvements when needed. A very nice surprise for us as marketing professionals was that the client had a nice collection of FB pixel events tracking different major and mini conversions on their customers’ journey. We decided to keep their event structure, because the team from TBet already knew what is important for them to track and unlike 90+% of the cases they went out of their way to implement those events through the pixel (a BIG well done to them here!). Final settings are being twitched and soon fans from Tanzania will be welcomed to join in the adventure.

Note: Players can bet on TBet now, just our joint marketing efforts will begin.

About TBet

TBet is an online sports betting operator with a mobile friendly platform. The company offers its users the ability to place bets on the most popular football championships in Tanzania: the local “Ligi Kuu Bara”, the German “Bundesliga”, Italy’s Serie A, Premier League and Ligue 1.


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