Jameson is one of the most popular Irish whiskey brands worldwide. It was introduced in the far 1780 in Dublin and has a special place in the hearts of whiskey lovers to date. Having in mind their long and inspiring history, we were very excited to be working with their Bulgarian branch and develop a website for their game.

Our story with Jameson began a month ago through one of our partners gutsandbrainsDDB. We have already had a few collab projects with this creative agency (view our project for Fantastico here), so we had an established process of work and quickly got to the gist of the task. DDB came up with the idea for the game and the design of the site, so our job was to develop a flawless end product. 

We developed their promo website on Laravel from scratch, using a wide array of technologies like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. One of the main challenges was to create a functional audio player that had to show up when a story is played. This together with the embedding of the receipts in the form of photos created that feeling of a website that tells a story. Did we spark your interest? Check out the website below, to see how it turned out. 

VISIT WEBSITE AT: https://jbbstory.com
TAGS: Laravel, PHP, JavaScript, UI/UX Design

P.S.: Тhe website was made for a promotion and is no longer active, but you can see the details from the screenshots below.

Jameson - Website Development
Jameson - Website Development