3 Top Signs your website is outdated & 3 Quick Tricks on how to fix it.


It used to be that simply having a website it’s a good-to-have for your business and would set you apart from the competition. You could create just a couple of pages, add a little background about the company, sprinkle in some images, set it, and forget it. However, a website today is mandatory for being competitive on the market. To be on top of your game, you don’t need just a website but an attractive representation of your business values, word-focused content, and compelling visuals. 




If your website doesn’t look good on mobile people may think you just don’t care enough for your business. The first thing you do when you hear about a business is to check its website and most of the time is through your phone. Mobile usage is half of the web traffic worldwide. In the third quarter of 2020, mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 50.81% of global website traffic, consistently hovering around the 50% mark since the beginning of 2017.


You can find out if your website is mobile-friendly by using Google Mobile-Friendly Test. If your website is not mobile-friendly, this is a problem you need to fix right away.


How to fix: The fastest way to create a mobile version of your website is to ask a web agency for help. If this is not an option, you can use tools like WordPressSquarespaceWix, or Duda but you still have to be prepared before jumping into the deep water. Most business owners will try themselves first but even then it’s better to consult which tool is best for your business and avoid spending additional time and money. You can try some free services such as our free website audit or consultation.



When someone finds your business for the first time, you want to set a good first impression. Your audience’s first impression can have a lasting impact on how they perceive your business. When it comes to your website, 94% of first impressions relate to your website’s design. 

It takes about 50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave. With so many scams running around the web, a poorly designed website can make you look like you’re untrustworthy or running a scam.

How to fix: If you want to make the most impact with your website’s design, you need to invest in creating a high-quality, well-designed website. You can search for examples of great design to get a feel for how your website should look, so you can start to compose ideas on how to make a high-quality website. Choosing the right colours, visual elements, and layout will help you create a credible website. Whether you do it yourself or consult with a web design agency, building a website that reflects your brand, looks visually appealing, and provides users with a positive first-time interaction is a must-do action for successful business.


Your design sets the first impression, and your content helps set the tone for your company. When you create content tailored to your audience, your audience is more likely to trust you. Valuable content can help you earn more conversions for your business. Actually, 46% of people will leave your website due to a lack of message.

How to fix: If you want to have a trustworthy website and to appear on the first page in Google, your marketing efforts need to focus on creating an exceptional customer journey. SEO boils down to producing quality content and aligning your information with the way users search online. You can use free tools such as Contento to optimize the quality of your text. You can also create a list of topics you think your audience would want information on and start researching them to see how relevant they are to your audience’s needs. However, the second option might come cheaper in terms of time and money investment – ask an agency for advice before going deeper into this. 

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your website is secure. Verify that your website has HTTPS and an SSL certificate to ensure that you’re providing a safe browsing experience for your audience.


Conclusion: Web presence and modern look is mandatory today. Let’s audit your website together and decide which elements need improvement. Book a call for a free audit of your website.