Meet our new teammate – Palms Bet


We bet you will skip this article!

Yeah, we know the odds are against us and right now you are already reading it. But we also know how to play this game! How to play it very well.
The RTW co-founder @Emil Kanev and his team has a huge experience in managing the marketing processes in the Sports Betting & Casino area, and that’s the reason for us to receive many calls and emails from different betting sites and online casinos.

That’s the case with Palms Bet. One of the leading sports betting and iGaming platforms in Bulgaria. They are ambitious and goal-oriented guys, who are ready to reach new horizons in their Digital presence. And we are here for them.

The COVID-19 crisis hit hard the iGaming sector, closing the casinos and stopping all the professional sports events for a couple of months. But we know the situation is getting better, and now it’s important to be active and to work harder than ever. That’s why we are ready to help our new friends to achieve their goals!

“Did you write a two-word brief? It happened to me, and the result was more than wonderful.
An agency that reads your mind. No need for further explanations, no need to spend your precious time.
I’m glad to work with Rise The Web. They are extremely experienced professionals who BET on quality. They are always up to date. If you ask for trends in 2020, the answer will be “Wtf, you gotta plan your strategy for next year”
I saw the increase of KPIs in the very first weeks with Rise The Web.
I can’t wait what’s coming!”, said @Desislava Zaharieva, Head of Marketing at Palms Bet.