RTW and DDB – Developing an out of the box website

RTW and DDB - Developing an out of the box website
The beginning

We live in an era that is oversaturated with websites and web pages of all kinds. With the new technologies and creative AI tools, anyone can make a simple website and that definitely makes it hard for quality to win over quantity. That is why developing something that is different and stands out from the rest is a must.

This was the strategy that we followed when we were hired to create the website of our client gutsandbrainsDDB. As a creative agency, they had already come up with some ideas for the design of the website, so we started developing the actual look and feel. 

The design

The art director of DDB had an idea to build the site following a hierarchy of colours and sizes. They wanted to create something out of the ordinary, so they chose to go “back in time” and use the old-fashioned 8bit style. Another interesting design decision was to use typography that is again based on the idea of users being guided only by using the font size and the different colours. This, together with the adoption of commands instead of actual buttons, definitely created a website that felt and looked different and interesting. 

The technology

On the technical side, we focused on creating a functional and reliable website with good architecture that will reflect the personality of DDB as a brand in the best possible way. As the client wanted to manage the website on their own in the future, we decided on using WordPress as the main platform and developed a custom theme for them. In addition, we implemented an easy-to-use application system and a complex filter of projects that users can use to find the exact project that they are looking for in a few clicks.     


Our partnership with DDB included lots of creativity and web development and in the end, it definitely turned out to be one of the most out of the box websites that we have created. Check out the website below, if you are interested to see how it turned out. 



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